Wolf Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle
Wolf Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle
Wolf Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle
Wolf Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle

Wolf Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle


It’s an educational journey too! Each puzzle comes with a Madd Capp Fun Facts booklet, adding an extra layer of enrichment to your puzzling experience. Open the booklet and you’ll discover a wealth of fascinating information about wolves.

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Wolf Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle

Unite with the pack and immerse yourself in the captivating world of wolves with the Wolf Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle. Prepare to be entranced by the intricate details, impressed by the challenge, and enlightened by the fascinating facts about these remarkable creatures. Did you know that wolves have tremendous endurance and can travel up to 50 miles in 24 hours?

Key Features:

  • 550-piece special die-cut shaped puzzle providing a challenging and rewarding experience
  • Semi-gloss, photo-realistic animal image for a visually stunning puzzle
  • Includes a colorful insert with fun facts and puzzle image reference, adding educational value
  • Suitable for ages 10 and above, promoting mindfulness and stress relief during assembly
  • Offers time away from screens for a more immersive and engaging activity
  • Can improve short-term memory and cognitive ability while enhancing dexterity skills
  • Encourages socialization when working on the puzzle with family or friends.
  • Puzzle size: 61 x 91 cm, creating a substantial finished piece for display or framing
  • Box dimensions: 24 x 28 x 7.4 cm, making it easy to store and organize

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