Walla Walla The Koala Treehouse Sorter
Walla Walla The Koala Treehouse Sorter

Walla Walla The Koala Treehouse Sorter



Walla Walla The Koala Treehouse Sorter – where colorful shapes, fine motor skills, and problem-solving fun meet in one delightful toy.



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Introducing Walla Walla The Koala Treehouse Sorter – a delightful and educational toy for kids. This colorful treehouse features three friends in different shapes, promoting problem-solving skills through engaging sorting activities. Children can explore multiple textures and colors while discovering hidden sounds.

This Treehouse Sorter sparks joy with its vibrant colors and engaging shapes. Watch as your child develops problem-solving thinking while sorting each shape into its correct spot. This interactive toy offers multiple textures, vibrant colors, and hidden sounds to explore, making learning an exciting adventure.

Lift the tree’s top to put Walla Walla’s friends away and bring them out again for classic put-and-take play, fostering fine motor skill development. Find this fun and educational toy at Toys At Foys online for a memorable playtime experience!

Key Features:

  • Vibrant and colorful Koala Treehouse Sorter
  • Educational shape sorting promotes problem-solving skills
  • Multiple textures and colors for sensory exploration
  • Hidden sounds add an element of discovery
  • Top opens for easy storage and retrieval of friends
  • Classic put-and-take play for fine motor skills
  • Suitable for toddlers and young children

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