VTech Smellephant
VTech Smellephant
VTech Smellephant
VTech Smellephant
VTech Smellephant

VTech Smellephant

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Elevate playtime with the VTech Smellephant, the interactive elephant toy. Discover joy and learning combined in one delightful companion at Toys And Foys.

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VTech Smellephant

Introducing the VTech Smellephant: an interactive sensory learning toy that engages young minds through playful exploration. With its magical trunk and fruit play pieces, children learn about their senses while having fun. Guessing games, vibrant colors, and educational modes make learning a joy. Music mode adds sing-along songs, while feet buttons enhance the experience with songs and animal sounds. Make learning a multisensory adventure with the Smellephant today!

Key Features:

  • For 2 to 5 year olds
  • Magical trunk & fruit play pieces for sensory play.
  • Guess fruit names with interactive trunk.
  • Peek-a-boo ears add playful anticipation.
  • Free Play & Quiz modes for learning.
  • Music mode with 12 sing-along songs.
  • Feet buttons trigger songs & sounds.
  • Engages senses & cognitive skills.
  • Interactive learning made fun.

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