Trolls Tiny Dancers Friend Pack

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In the movie Trolls World Tour, DreamWorks Trolls Poppy and her friends go on an epic, Trolls-tasic journey to save all music, always in style.

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With her rooted hair, brightly coloured removable dress, shoes, 3 bracelets, earring and ear stud, hair accessory and brush, this doll is ready to show off her fashionable true colours as kids recreate favourite scenes from Trolls World Tour or make up their own new adventures. Look for Glam Poppy and Glam Chenille, too. (Each sold separately. Subject to availability. )


  • Dreamworks poppy from trolls world tour.
  • Glam satin doll.
  • Look for glam poppy and glam chenille, too.
  • Cute trolls doll.