Triceratops Dinosaur Shaped Puzzle
Triceratops Dinosaur Shaped Puzzle
Triceratops Dinosaur Shaped Puzzle

Triceratops Dinosaur Shaped Puzzle


But the excitement doesn’t end there! Each puzzle comes with a fascinating Madd Capp Fun Facts booklet, adding an educational twist to your puzzling journey. Open the booklet and delve into a wealth of amazing facts about the Triceratops. For instance, did you know that Triceratops weighed between four and six tons, which is about as much as an ice cream truck?

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Triceratops Dinosaur Shaped Puzzle

Unleash the majesty of the prehistoric world with the Triceratops Dinosaur Shaped Jigsaw Puzzle – a thrilling adventure that will challenge, inspire, and captivate you, your family, and your friends. This captivating puzzle brings to life the iconic Triceratops, offering both fun and educational experiences.

Key Features:

  • 100-piece special die-cut shaped puzzle, suitable for children aged 5 and above
  • Semi-gloss, photo-realistic animal image for an engaging and visually appealing puzzle experience
  • Includes a colorful insert with fun facts and puzzle image reference, adding educational value
  • Puzzle size: 84 x 61 cm, creating a large and impressive finished puzzle
  • Box dimensions: 29 x 24 x 7.4 cm, easy to store and carry around
  • Promotes mindfulness and stress relief during assembly
  • Offers a healthy break from screens, encouraging interactive and hands-on play
  • Can improve short-term memory, cognitive ability, and dexterity skills
  • Fosters socialization when working on the puzzle together with family or friends.

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