ThinkFun Laser Maze Junior


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Beat the laser maze and ignite the rockets and your mind! Lights and mirrors may make it feel like magic and juniors will love the challenge to see if they can use science and logic to reflect the laser beam to illuminate the rockets. With 40 different challenge cards to test young minds this science logic maze is a tricky job for any young scientist but with a little brain power they’ll be sure to light up the rockets on the launch pads! First select a challenge card, ranging from Easy to Super Hard, and slide it into the grid. Place the rockets and any tokens on the grid as indicated on the challenge card such as the purple mirrors, green splitter beam or black rocks. The challenge card also indicates which other tokens must be used to complete the task. Arrange the mirrors to reflect and split the laser beam in order to reach the rockets, once you think they are in the correct positions; turn on the beam to check if you are right! If the laser beam touches all of the tokens on the grid you win! Laser Maze Jr. is all about fun, healthy brain play and helps with problem solving.

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