The Traitors
The Traitors
The Traitors

The Traitors

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Dive into the world of alliances, murder plots, and Round Table banishment with The Traitors Board Game. Experience the TV show-inspired thrill, strategic gameplay, and fierce competition for the prize fund. Ages 12 and up, it’s time for a game night like no other!

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Step into the thrilling world of The Traitors with the official board game! Inspired by the hit TV show, this game brings the suspense, strategy, and deception to your game nights. Faithfuls and Traitors embark on missions to earn gold for the prize fund, but beware—the Traitor aims to murder at night.

The Round Table becomes the battleground for banishment, and only the two players with the most gold will compete for the prize fund. Will alliances hold, or will players turn on each other? It’s a game of trust, betrayal, and strategy for 4-6 players aged 12 and up. Elevate your game nights with The Traitors, available for online shopping at Toys At Foys!

Key Features:

  • Inspired by the hit TV show The Traitors
  • Strategic gameplay with missions and alliances
  • Nighttime murder plot by the Traitor
  • Round Table banishment dynamics
  • Competition for the prize fund
  • 4-6 players, aged 12+

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