SCHLEICH Horse Obstacle Course Accessories

SCHLEICH Horse Obstacle Course Accessories


This set allows children to engage in role-playing and storytelling as they imagine themselves as equestrians or participants in horse shows. They can create thrilling scenarios and competitions, providing hours of imaginative and immersive play.

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SCHLEICH Horse Obstacle Course Accessories

The SCHLEICH Horse Obstacle Course Accessories set is a fantastic addition to any horse-loving child’s playtime. This set includes various obstacles and accessories that allow children to create their own challenging courses and test the agility and skills of their toy horses.

Key Features:

  • Contents: 3x obstacles, 1x water ditch, 2x water jump hurdle, 1x water jump hedge, 9x directional flag.
  • With so many different obstacles on the course, it’s easy to lose your bearings.
  • Good thing there are plenty of flags to show you the way!
  • Discover the world through play with the authentic and detailed figures.
  • Products stimulate the imagination and guarantee an educational play experience full of adventure.
  • Product is part of the HORSE CLUB theme world and is suitable for children between 5 and 12 years of age.

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Dimensions 22 × 19 × 9 cm