Rainbow Jellyball


Squish, squeeze, and relax with the Rainbow Jellyball! Colorful, tactile, and endlessly fun—your stress-relief essential!

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Explore the tactile wonder of the Rainbow Jellyball! This soft and squidgy ball is filled with hundreds of colorful jelly-like orbs, providing a unique sensory experience unlike anything else. Perfect for squishing and squeezing, it’s an addictive toy that always snaps back to its original shape. Shop online at Foys for this fantastic stress-relieving alternative and add a touch of fun to your day!

Dive into a world of squishy fun with the Rainbow Jellyball. Its jelly-filled interior offers a fascinating tactile experience, making it a favorite among kids and adults alike. Squeeze, squish, and watch as the colorful orbs move and shift inside, providing endless entertainment and relaxation. Whether used as a stress reliever or a playful sensory toy, this jellyball is sure to captivate your imagination.

Key Features:

  • Soft and squidgy ball filled with hundreds of colorful jelly-like orbs
  • Unique tactile experience when squeezed
  • Snaps back to its original shape after squishing
  • Fantastic alternative to classic stress balls
  • Vibrant rainbow colors add a pop of fun to playtime

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