Play-Doh Frog ‘n Colours Starter Set
Play-Doh Frog ‘n Colours Starter Set
Play-Doh Frog ‘n Colours Starter Set

Play-Doh Frog ‘n Colours Starter Set


This set lets children discover the joy of Play-Doh and engage in creative play. It provides an opportunity for children to explore colours, develop fine motor skills, and unleash their creative imaginations.

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Play-Doh Frog ‘n Colours Starter Set

The Play-Doh Frog ‘n Colours Starter Set features a cute toy frog with a long, silly tongue that can be grown using Play-Doh. Children can also use the molds underneath to create Play-Doh bugs. The set includes cutters for making lily pads and butterflies, as well as four fun-sized 1-ounce Play-Doh modelling compound colours.


  • Adorable frog toy set for preschoolers to engage in imaginative play and color exploration.
  • Create Play-Doh bugs, grow the frog’s tongue, and more.
  • Match and sort colors by creating bugs, butterflies, and lilypads with the included cutters and molds.
  • Playmat allows children to arrange the bugs by color to match the lilypads.
  • Perfect starter set for introducing children to the world of Play-Doh and fostering open-ended exploration.
  • Helps develop fine motor skills, sorting abilities, and creative imagination.
  • Designed with a well-rounded child philosophy to support learning and development.
  • Suitable for preschool crafts and activities.
  • Encourages hands-on play and sensory exploration.

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