Grab And Sort Fine Motor Alien Counters

Grab And Sort Fine Motor Alien Counters


Explore cosmic math fun with Grab And Sort Alien Counters! Engage in fine motor play with 36 colorful aliens and Tri-Grip Tongs – an educational adventure!

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Embark on a cosmic math adventure with Grab And Sort Fine Motor Alien Counters, available at Toys At Foys! Shop online for this engaging educational toy set, featuring 36 colorful aliens in 6 bright colors and unique shapes.

Children use the Tri-Grip Tongs to pick up, sort, and match the alien counters, enhancing fine motor skills and fostering intuitive learning.

The Tri-Grip Tongs are specially designed for little hands, with indentations that guide children’s fingers, helping them develop the positioning needed for pencil grip. Make learning fun with this interactive math set designed for exploration and skill development.

Key Features:

  • Engages in cosmic math adventures
  • Set includes 36 colorful alien counters
  • Tri-Grip Tongs for fine motor skill development
  • Aliens come in 6 bright colors and 6 shapes
  • Intuitive finger-guiding design on tongs

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