Charades For Kids
Charades For Kids
Charades For Kids

Charades For Kids


Charades For Kids is an interactive, educational game that promises hours of laughter and learning. Children of all ages, from 4 years and up, can participate, thanks to age-appropriate cards and engaging picture cards. Get ready for imaginative charades, from miming animals to acting out actions, and see who can collect the most cards to become the charades champion!

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Dive into the world of fun and learning with Charades For Kids, a lively and interactive game designed exclusively for children! This educational gem promises hours of family entertainment while helping kids express themselves through playful charades.

With cards suitable for ages 4 and up, including picture cards for the youngest players, it’s a delightful journey of imagination and guessing. Watch as children mime out objects and actions, from airplanes to eating apples, in a race to collect cards and be crowned the charades champion!

Key Features:

  • Educational and Entertaining
  • Age-Appropriate Cards for Ages 4 and Up
  • Includes Picture Cards for Young Children
  • Encourages Creativity and Imagination
  • 50 Picture charade cards
  • 100 No picture charade cards

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