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Introducing the new BERG Buzzy Racing! The Racing pedal go-kart has a ‘Number 1’ design with its flash green colourway and racing stripe decals.

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Introducing the new BERG Buzzy Racing!  The Racing pedal go-kart has a ‘Number 1’ design with its flash green colourway and racing stripe decals. 

With Berg Silent Whisper tyres (EVA) flat tyres are not a problem on the Buzzy Racing.  The Buzzy Racing pedal go-kart is the perfect toy for your toddler to learn to pedal on and then grow with as the Buzzy Racing is designed for children from ages 2 all the way up to 5. 

Unlike trikes or bicycles, the Buzzy Racing is super stable and safe due to the four wheels and can be brought to a stop within seconds. 

The swing axle on this pedal go-kart allows perfect road holding and will guarantee a first-place finish. Once finished playing with the go-kart, it can easily be parked upright in the shed!


  • Astounding off-road design and abilities.
  • Drives both forwards and backwards.
  • Every Berg pedal go-kart is designed & built to the highest quality.
  • Tyres that never go flat with the Berg Silent Whisper tyres (EVA)
  • Super stable due to the 4 wheels keeping the Buzzy Racing firmly grounded.
  • Pedals & steering wheel are separate which enables total control.
  • Direct chain drive and ergonomics allow all children to learn to pedal super easily.
  • Both the steering wheel and seat are adjustable, so grows with you. 

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Dimensions 83 × 49 × 50 cm