4 Puzzles in a Box Farm
4 Puzzles in a Box Farm
4 Puzzles in a Box Farm

4 Puzzles in a Box Farm


These puzzles cater to different skill levels, promoting the development of matching, sorting, and problem-solving skills. The charming farm theme, along with the educational benefits and convenient storage box, make this set an ideal choice for young children to enjoy hours of fun and learning.

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4 Puzzles in a Box Farm

The 4 Puzzles in a Box Farm set is a delightful collection of four puzzles designed specifically for young children. Each puzzle features charming illustrations of farm animals, providing an engaging and familiar theme that captures the imagination of little ones.


  • Set of 4 puzzles featuring farm animals
  • Different number of pieces in each puzzle (4, 6, 8, and 12) for varying difficulty levels
  • Encourages the development of matching and sorting skills
  • Promotes cognitive skills such as spatial awareness and logical thinking
  • Vibrant and detailed illustrations of farm animals
  • Compact and sturdy box for easy storage and organization
  • Enhances fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and concentration
  • Builds confidence and a sense of accomplishment in children

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