30 Tricks Set Blue
30 Tricks Set Blue
30 Tricks Set Blue

30 Tricks Set Blue


The tricks are not only entertaining but also designed to boost confidence as your child successfully performs each illusion. The sense of wonder and accomplishment that comes with mastering these tricks will inspire a lifelong love for magic.

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Unlock the world of magic and enchantment with 30 Tricks Set Blue! This incredible children’s magic set is a treasure trove of tricks that can be effortlessly mastered in just minutes. This set empowers your little one to become the star of the show, performing professional-level magic tricks that will leave friends and family in awe.

They’ll develop important skills such as dexterity, coordination, and presentation. Endless entertainment but also a platform for building self-esteem and fostering a passion for the enchanting world of magic.

Key Factures:

  • Include: Incredible Spiked Coin, Colour Block Escape, Amazing Changing Cards, Augmented Reality Theatre, And much more!
  • Unique props provided
  • Easy-to-follow instructions for each trick
  • Learn the secrets behind popular illusions
  • Engaging and entertaining for aspiring magicians
  • Age 8+

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